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  • Carlos Township was incorporated in 1870.
  • Carlos Township has 30.1 square miles of land area and 5.3 square miles of water area.
  • The Township has 80 miles of roads.
  • The Township encompasses Lake Carlos and Lake Le Homme Dieu, which are both part of the Chain of Lakes.
  • The Township has a municipal tax base of $491,302,800.
  • The average cost per home in Carlos Township is $275,124.
  • The median household income is $64,460.
  • As of the 2018 Township Election, there were 1,542 registered voters.  That is a decrease from the General Election held in 2016 of 1,643 voters.


Township meetings are held the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month except November and December. Due to the holidays, the Board will meet once during these months on the 2nd Thursday. Meetings are held at 7:00 PM at the Carlos Elementary School. The public is welcome to attend. If you have an issue that needs to be addressed, please contact the clerk by the Saturday before the meeting, and she will place you on the agenda.

Important Information

Supervisor Dan Lehmkuhl submitted his resignation on January 10, 2019. The Town Board appointed Mark Hintermeyer at the January 24, 2019 meeting to fulfill the term ending December 31, 2020.

Township Election 2018:  Was held on March 13, 2018. Rebecca Anderson was re-elected for the 2 year clerk position and Bill Krivanek won re-election for the 3 year supervisor position. The annual meeting followed the election with residents setting the levy for 2019.

The township residents also voted to move the township election from every year in March to November in even years.  This passed by a vote of 29-11.

Snow Removal:   At the town board meeting held on January 27, 2011, it was decided that if there is less than  2 inches of snowfall, the road maintainer will not be plowing snow.

Road Maintenance:  The Carlos Town board awarded the Road Maintenance Contract for August 1, 2020-July 31, 2022 to R&R Ready Mix.
East Lake Carlos Drive:  The board awarded a construction contract to SEPH Construction for 300 feet from the hill by the canal/culvert to the East.

Mail in Voting:  The township board voted 3-0 to not move ahead with mail in voting for the 2020 Primary and General Elections.  The voting process will continue as in the past, with precautions that will be taken in regard to COVID 19.  Residents are encouraged to use the absentee method if they have concerns.